Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Gone to Hell

 Ohhhh my.  There has been quite a significant amount of time since our last blog.  And we apologize.  We started back at school.  This semester has been crazy for this kid.  I have a multi camera production class, which means I'm learning the basics of live television editing.  A mass media and culture class, in which I spend a majority of my time discussing The Fabulous Beekman Boys.  An environmental literature class, just for fun.  A theatre appreciation course, which I am rocking.  And finally a writing for radio, television, and film class.  I just finished a PSA for that class today.
As for Gela, she has also been busy.  She has a class on Wednesday nights that is two and a half hours long.  UGH.

Of our most recent adventures, we have met comedian Lee Camp and former Full House star, Dave Coulier.  Both did shows at our campus.  They were amazingly lovely people and super fun to talk to.

Ummm.  We have acquired a bunch of new friends this semester, because *SHOCKER* we are actually DOING things.  We went to a Drag Ball, hosted by Open Minded Unity (the gay-straight alliance on campus)  And we met an amazing group of people.  Also, we have met a vlogger and you all should check out his channel:  Will's Doing It!