Wednesday, March 30, 2011


First of all, Gela would like to issue an apology for not blogging on Saturday--but it was a hectic day for her. 

I am currently enjoying some delicious Chobani strawberry banana yogurt.

This yogurt is epic because it is made in our hometown, I live about 5 minutes from the Agro-Farma plant and Gela lives about 30 seconds away from it.  I wish I could give you more details about the Greek style yogurt, but I am not an expert in that field.  Their website is completely helpful though.

This week has been a very film oriented week so far.  We watched the original Arthur, because of lover of all things entertainment friend, Mikey, suggested it.  We definitely suggest everyone sees THIS version of the movie before seeing the remake.  It's a charming tale, that has some fun twists and turns.  Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli portrayed such lovable characters.  We also went out (shocking!!) and saw Paul.  There are no words to describe how much we LOVED it!  We left with our minds blown.  It was shocking--so original with fun movie tie-ins for nerds.  Check out the trailer:

Oh yea....some final words about Paul--Bill Hader (best known from SNL) was absolutely gorgeous! 

Thursday is the Grey's Anatomy Music Event!  Any excited people out there, besides me?!  The first full song, Chasing Cars performed by Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, and Chandra Wilson, is so beautifully done.  I cannot wait to see how the rest of the cast does.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let It Snow

First of all, if you remember from last week, Gela and I went to the opera.  And let me just tell you The Marriage of Figaro was  BRILLIANT.  It was so good that we decided to go twice, the second day was even a Thursday (which is a huge deal since that is our night for the best television shows).  My life got a little bit better because I had a package arrive last week:
The Season 1 DVD of The  Fabulous Beekman Boys!
As we pondered about what to cover today, Gela and I are enjoyed a snack comprised of grapes and cucumbers--which is way more delicious than it sounds.  Our Saturday blog said that it was almost Spring, though if you looked out our window you'd never guess it.  Yes, as shocking as it is, Upstate New York is experiencing another fun day with snow showers.

This is what has happened so far this week:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Greatest Fan :)

Tomorrow is the official first day of Spring. For us, this means walking to town, shorts, and... planting our Heirloom gardens!!! We are planting heirloom vegetables as a part of the Community Garden project. This project is being put on by Beekman 1802 and Williams-Sonoma.

Recently, Planet Green announced that, along with Williams-Sonoma, they will be randomly selecting a winner to visit the Beekman farm during the Garden Festival. The grand prize will go to the winner and one guest. Round trip coach air fair to Albany, NY; room for 3 days/2 nights; $500 spending money; and rental car costs are all included. The winners will attend the festival and have the opportunity to meet the Boys! To enter go here. Good luck to all entries and don't forget to watch the premier of season 2 on March 22 at 10 pm on Planet Green!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Never Too Late

Well...Wednesday's blog is a little late--so HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!! Check out the National MS Society to learn more about MS and MS Awareness Week.  Also, check out Nike ID to create and customize your own Nikes.  If you're interested in making your water "enhanced" --like Sassy Gay Friend--check out MiO.  Don't forget about the Fabulous Beekman Boys season 2 premiere on Tuesday March 22nd at 10:00 PM EST on Planet Green.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ch-Check It Out

There is a hot new show called “An Idiot Abroad” on the Science Channel. I thought that this show would be completely ridiculous and annoying; however, it is now one of my favorites! Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Karl Pilkington to see the 7 Wonders of the World.

The point of the show was to see if Pilkington would be able to see the world in another way. While he complains a lot, Pilkington does learn a great deal about different cultures and countries. The best part of the show is that you get to see the truth about life in those countries. Make sure you check the show out! Episodes are available on iTunes.

Also, I have recently become addicted to "how to" make up videos on YouTube. I stumbled across a video that shows you how to do Strawberry nails. These nails are really cute and pretty easy to do. The YouTuber- Bubzbeauty- shows how to do all sorts of nail, hair, and make up styles. Check out her channel!

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog and sorry about the randomness!!! xD

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Gets Better

Besides it being our three month friend-iversary with Mikey, I thought there would be nothing to blog about today.  I also realized that most of our posts lately have covered issues of "pop culture" which is something that we said we'd only occasionally do.  We are going to get back into our roots and find things that NEED coverage because they aren't getting the coverage they deserve.  Then I saw this post on Yahoo! News this morning about a blog called "Born This Way" --it was like a gift from heaven.  This blog is "a photo/essay project for gay adults to submit childhood pictures and stories, reflecting memories & early beginnings of their innate LGBTQ selves".  To me this is a thing of beauty, because it proves that being gay is not a choice--looking at these young children can inspire everyone, including questioning gay teens.  Both Gela and I are straight, but believe in equality for all.  It was perfect that this was posted today, because it is an Action Hero day at our college.  

I guess to continue with the theme of gay rights, I will discuss the Supreme Court ruling in the Westboro Baptist Church case.  Even though they are clearly spreading a message of hate, these people have free speech protection under the First Amendment.  "Speech is powerful. It can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and -- as it did here -- inflict great pain. On the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the majority.  I completely agree with having the right to express themselves--but there should be clear limitations here.  Amazing that America can be called the "land of the free" when people have the RIGHT to protest at military funerals--yet homosexuals still don't have marriage equality, isn't it?  

To learn more about the Westboro Baptist Church, check out this documentary by Louis Theroux:  The Most Hated Family in America .  As much as these people disturb me, I can't help the fact that I am FASCINATED by them.  Their lifestyle, their beliefs, their leader, their children.  It all just amazes me, how can people have so much hate inside of them?  The Westboro Baptist Church also happens to be the subject of my speech for my Intro to Communication class--in case anyone was interested.

For those people who are fans of marriage equality, you should check out the lovely Robbie & Allen.  They have entered the Ultimate Wedding Contest presented by Crate & Barrel.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teenage Dream

There is a new show starting on NBC tomorrow night. DiCaprio and I are very excited about it. The show is "America's Next Great Restaurant"! The same people that gave you "Top Chef" and "Project Runway" have created a show where everyday people are fighting for the chance to see their dream restaurant become reality. The prize is the beginning of a restaurant chain - in Hollywood, Minneapolis, and NYC.

The restaurant concepts are funded by Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Steve Ells, and Lorena Garcia. They are not just investors! The pros will be helping the contestants define their concepts and put them through tests to see which restaurant will become "America's Next Great Restaurant."

Watch the premier episode tomorrow at 8/7 c on NBC!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I know what you're all thinking, "holy wow this blog is actually being posted on time!"  Gela and myself have some topics we'd like to discuss.  What a week of "huge" entertainment news.  What were you doing on Sunday night?  If you were like much of America, you were watching the Oscars, waiting in anticipation for SOMETHING to happen.  And like most of America, you were probably bored.  We are covering the most talked about issues.  And let's begin with the elephant in the room--how high and/or drunk was James Franco?  He was in his own little world throughout the entire show, so mellow and emotionless.  We would like to thanks Pop Culture Passionistas for pointing out that Anne Hathway changed outfits SEVEN times during the show.  Another major discussion point, how awesome was Melissa Leo's F-Bomb?!  Congratulations for being the first person ever to do that at the Oscars.  

Oh and don't think we didn't notice the terrible fashion choices of the evening... our top three worst were (3) Florence Welch, (2) Melissa Leo and (1) Cate Blanchett's "Faberge Egg" dress (thank you Mikey).

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore's performance of "I See The Light" was just--for lack of a better word--adorable.  We're always impressed when actors can actually sing.  Finally, our last major point of interest was that Christian Bale forgot to say his wife's name when thanking her, which in turn led every single person after him to make sure they thanked their significant other.  He did seem choked up, so we'll let him slide. 

Another bit of "news" is that Charlie Sheen has finally snapped, but we may wait until Saturday to cover that story.  So we'll leave you with this: