Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow of the Day


The major event of this week was going to see "Black Swan" on Tuesday. The special effects in this movie were incredible. DiCaprio and I went to the theater worrying that we were going to be let down. The movie surprised us though, it was really intense and threw us for a loop. We spent the whole next day thinking about what we watched. The critique started with "she was a psycho" to "I think she was a paranoid schizophrenic." It was definitely worth seeing. I feel comfortable speaking for DiCaprio and myself when I say we both highly recommend this movie.

We stumbled across the show "The A-List: New York" on Logo TV. We found the show in December and finally sat down to watch it last week. The show is about a group of gay men in New York City. They are TJ, Ryan, Derek,Austin, Reichen, Rodiney, and Mike. All of these men are passionate about their work, especially Mike, Ryan, and Reichen. While being professionals, these boys know how to have a good time. Our favorite on "The A-List" is without a doubt TJ.

On a random note, DiCaprio and I have only eaten at one dining hall all year. That is until we went to a new hall this week. We went with our friends Tom and Dan. It was delicious, and we might go back once in a while.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love College

This honestly was a discovery today--thank you Understanding Mass Communication for contributing to our blog.  Today is the day that I found out about a brilliant singer from our college, SUNY Oneonta.  I'd like to introduce you to Ryan Quinn

I'm not gonna lie, I don't much about him. So this is just what I stole from his ReverbNation account:
Ryan is a 20 year old college student attending SUNY Oneonta. He has been playing piano and drums for the majority of his life and has been playing guitar for two years, though singing is his true passion. He started off playing covers in coffee shops in Clinton, NY and has been playing in Oneonta for the last three years, be it alone or with talented friends.
What I do know is that he sings in the campus' a Capella group, Hooked On Tonics.  He has done covers of songs ranging from Paramore's "The Only Exception" to Jeff Buckley's "I Want Someone Badly".  In the former he displays his guitar skills, while in the latter he amazes us with his piano playing.  There are a collection of great videos at his YouTube channel
He also has his own song, "Shade of Blue" posted on his ReverbNation page (which you can download a free mp3).

Gela and I both think that he has a stunning voice that will hopefully be heard across the country.  If you are interested in a new musician with that alternative sound, Ryan Quinn is the perfect guy to look up.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So Mikey Trahant doesn't know this, but he introduced us to our newest favorite singer. In one of his Gay Today videos he shows his friend Chadwick performing at a club. He is a singer/songwriter and is a mash up of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert! The clip of him singing intrigued us so we found him on Facebook, went to his website, and subscribed to him on YouTube. Chadwick has a unique and beautiful voice... and he's extremely good looking. :)

As of right now he does not have any shows listed, but his site will be updated. You can also join the mailing list for updates.

The Out Music Awards nominated Chadwick for "OUTstanding Dance/Electro song" for his single "Intoxicated" in 2010. You can find "Intoxicated" and all of his other songs on iTunes. Chadwick also acted in the film POP-U-larity, which is hitting the festival circuit early this year. He even wrote 4 songs for the film! He is amazing so go check him out!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sometime Around Midnight

Gela and myself have had quite a busy week...and it's only Wednesday.  Yesterday we had to brave the weather to make it back to college, Gela almost didn't make it because of the terrible weather.  No.  I'm sorry, the weather was terri-blah!  (Thanks Mikey for your word) Today was the first day of college classes.  Gela's schedule is comprised of mainly history courses, while my own schedule is an explosion of mass communication courses.  This is actually the first moment of relaxation we've had--and we realized we had no plans for a blog.  I apologize immensely for the lack of luster and excitement.   

This is the first in our series of our random blogs.  Earlier today we looked at some of the "worst dressed" from the Golden Globes *cough* Tilda Swinton *cough* though there are some that argue the absolute WORST was Julianne Moore.

We are currently catching up on some Patti Luphone videos on YouTube--that's Michael Buckley's phone channel.  We watched Zombieland (which is hilarious by the way) and are going to be having a marathon of Gay Today videos.  We may even get super crazy and watch The Social Network.  Clearly...we are not typical college kids.  We are such rebels, we haven't even bought our books yet.  That's one of the many tasks scheduled for tomorrow.  I ALMOST FORGOT.  We are going out to Subway tomorrow for lunch.  This is a huge deal because we only eat at ONE dining hall.

Hope you enjoyed this little update....thanks to all of our followers.  Hopefully we will have more to talk about in our Saturday blog.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do What You Want :)

Before becoming mega Beek Geeks, DiCaprio and I had an Ed Helms phase. It started with Ed's character in the movie "The Hangover." Our appreciation only increased with his role, Andy Bernard, on "The Office." During this time, DiCaprio stumbled across a fan page for Mr. Ed Helms and found another mega fan. Her name is Crystal Friedman from California. DiCaprio found pictures of her WITH Ed Helms and instantly knew they had to be friends. After becoming friends on Facebook, they discovered that they had a lot in common and are great friends now.

Crystal is beyond talented. She's an artist, comedian, musician, and writer. As an artist, Crystal has done quite a lot. She gave Ed Helms a picture of him, that she painted, in person after seeing him at UCB. Later, she found out that he actually hung the picture up! Currently, Crystal is working on a picture of Jason Sudeikis for DiCaprio.

Crystal can play the banjo and the guitar. She has "jam sessions" with her siblings from time to time. Crystal even writes songs! One song is "Young" which she performs with her siblings.

Another project of Crystal's is Comical Citizen Apparel. This is a line of t-shirts and accessories that she started last April. The shirts are inspired by her art, music, and her favorite movies. There is also a fan page for Comical Citizen Apparel.

Crystal can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and through her blog, 365 Days. You should definitely check out her videos and like and subscribe. We know she is going to be famous some day soon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Image of the Invisible

A good friend of ours, Jason Paden, decided to venture into unknown territory:  starting a website and an online store.  He and his partner, John Hall, live in the cozy little town of Sharon Springs, NY.  They work on the Beekman farm, taking care of the herd of goats and the other animals--like Polka Spot the llama.

Their website features blogs by both men, which gives an inside look to life on the Beekman farm.  Check out Jason's blog and John's blog.  A video section (still under construction) will display a collection of home movies, edited by Jason.  The "fun page" has a few cute games for kids to play.  It also has a cute video story about Misty the Goat--Jason assures us that there will be more video stories on the way.  There is even a page of the site on which you can buy goats from John, currently there are thirteen for sale.

Jason and John love to create and both are extremely talented artists.  Jason is more of a traditional artist with his sculptures and photography, all of his art is inspired by life at the Beekman.  John, on the other hand, crochets beautiful scarves and blankets.  Their store also features the work of John's sister and mother--handmade quilts.

Gela and I have both bought items from the store--the same item actually.  Jason, knowing how much people love Polka Spot, decided to make a Polka Spot sculpture (below).  Each is beautifully handcrafted--no two are alike.  Each is signed and numbered.  Currently there are none for sale in the store because John and Jason are preparing the barn so it is ready to house the baby goats--the first group is due in February.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take A Chance On Me!!!

On an ordinary day, Gela and DiCaprio were checking Facebook. At this fateful time Brent Ridge posted a link to a video. The video was a review of The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special, posted by Mikey Trahant. It is a hilarious group of people in LA and their reactions while watching. The Boys loved this video so much that they "liked" the video and shared it with everyone. After watching the video, DiCaprio commented about how similar the group's experience of watching the special was to her own. Gela and DiCaprio became obsessed with Mikey's YouTube show: Mikey's Gay Today. At the time, there were around 269 videos (which they finished in about 3 days). There was a YouTube message and friend request sent, followed by Facebook friend requests to a Mr. Mikey Trahant from Gela and DiCaprio. He immediately responded to DiCaprio with "I smell a long friendship ahead of us! I call shotgun on the Beekmans" on Dec. 9 2010. Mikey and the girls instantly became Best Friends Forever! Within days they had nicknames, Michaelangelo, Gela and DiCaprio, and they Skyped almost daily.
Mikey Trahant's current dream is to be "Gaymous" for his YouTube show and to be America's Favorite Gay. The videos are real, entertaining, and at times, full of drama. Mikey's show follows his everyday life and his adventures around LA. He frequently discusses hot guys, searching for a job, and being the "crypt keeper of West Hollywood". He also has "Gaymous Guest Stars" including: Triple Gay, Diva P, KittenKay Sera, the Cranky Cuban, Hula Girl, the Angel of Death, Gaysian, and, of course, America's favorite mom, Cookie! While, most of his videos bring a lot of laughs, he does get serious at times. Our favorite video happens to be his first. He tells a story about when he was a child in Vermont and his friend, Mike Clough, came for a visit. They had a debate as to whether or not a field across the street contained poison ivy. Watch the video here for the outcome. We believe that you should like, favorite, and subscribe to Mikey's videos. You can also find Mikey's videos on Funny or Die. And become a fan on Facebook.

We will have known Mikey for a month tomorrow. We love Mikey and the fact that he is an enigma.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For The First Time....

2010 was a huge year for these two college kids.  The year started pretty slow, until June rolled around and brought The Fabulous Beekman Boys into our lives.  We would love to give an entire story about them, but we want you to check them out on your own at their website, Beekman1802.  While watching their lives pass by on our TV screens, we came to the conclusion that we HAD to meet them--which worked out wonderfully because they only live an hour away and were hosting the second annual Harvest Festival.  Seeing them in person was unbelievable, we were actually speechless--which NEVER happens.  It was refreshing to see that these guys are real ... nothing is played up for the cameras.  You just want to "put Brent in your pocket" and Josh is just "full of sass" ;)  After a search of Facebook, we found that there was NO fan page for the Beekman Boys fans (other than their official page)  That was when Beek Geeks was born--with the help of the talented Anthony.  At the time we had no idea that the popularity of Beek Geeks would grow to become such a big part of the Beekman World and make us part of the Sharon Springs community.  We are now frequent visitors to Sharon Springs, making sure to visit Doug & Garth at the American Hotel for brunch.  We even got invited to participate in the first annual Victorian Celebration.

Through The Boys and our fan page we were introduced to a variety of talented and interesting people--from coast to coast.  But those stories can wait...

For 2011 we decided that part of our New Year's Resolution would be to bring attention to people, places, events, etc that deserve more recognition than they are currently receiving.  And knowing us there will also be the occasional post about more popular subjects.