Saturday, January 22, 2011


So Mikey Trahant doesn't know this, but he introduced us to our newest favorite singer. In one of his Gay Today videos he shows his friend Chadwick performing at a club. He is a singer/songwriter and is a mash up of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert! The clip of him singing intrigued us so we found him on Facebook, went to his website, and subscribed to him on YouTube. Chadwick has a unique and beautiful voice... and he's extremely good looking. :)

As of right now he does not have any shows listed, but his site will be updated. You can also join the mailing list for updates.

The Out Music Awards nominated Chadwick for "OUTstanding Dance/Electro song" for his single "Intoxicated" in 2010. You can find "Intoxicated" and all of his other songs on iTunes. Chadwick also acted in the film POP-U-larity, which is hitting the festival circuit early this year. He even wrote 4 songs for the film! He is amazing so go check him out!!!

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