Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sometime Around Midnight

Gela and myself have had quite a busy week...and it's only Wednesday.  Yesterday we had to brave the weather to make it back to college, Gela almost didn't make it because of the terrible weather.  No.  I'm sorry, the weather was terri-blah!  (Thanks Mikey for your word) Today was the first day of college classes.  Gela's schedule is comprised of mainly history courses, while my own schedule is an explosion of mass communication courses.  This is actually the first moment of relaxation we've had--and we realized we had no plans for a blog.  I apologize immensely for the lack of luster and excitement.   

This is the first in our series of our random blogs.  Earlier today we looked at some of the "worst dressed" from the Golden Globes *cough* Tilda Swinton *cough* though there are some that argue the absolute WORST was Julianne Moore.

We are currently catching up on some Patti Luphone videos on YouTube--that's Michael Buckley's phone channel.  We watched Zombieland (which is hilarious by the way) and are going to be having a marathon of Gay Today videos.  We may even get super crazy and watch The Social Network.  Clearly...we are not typical college kids.  We are such rebels, we haven't even bought our books yet.  That's one of the many tasks scheduled for tomorrow.  I ALMOST FORGOT.  We are going out to Subway tomorrow for lunch.  This is a huge deal because we only eat at ONE dining hall.

Hope you enjoyed this little update....thanks to all of our followers.  Hopefully we will have more to talk about in our Saturday blog.

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