Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Image of the Invisible

A good friend of ours, Jason Paden, decided to venture into unknown territory:  starting a website and an online store.  He and his partner, John Hall, live in the cozy little town of Sharon Springs, NY.  They work on the Beekman farm, taking care of the herd of goats and the other animals--like Polka Spot the llama.

Their website features blogs by both men, which gives an inside look to life on the Beekman farm.  Check out Jason's blog and John's blog.  A video section (still under construction) will display a collection of home movies, edited by Jason.  The "fun page" has a few cute games for kids to play.  It also has a cute video story about Misty the Goat--Jason assures us that there will be more video stories on the way.  There is even a page of the site on which you can buy goats from John, currently there are thirteen for sale.

Jason and John love to create and both are extremely talented artists.  Jason is more of a traditional artist with his sculptures and photography, all of his art is inspired by life at the Beekman.  John, on the other hand, crochets beautiful scarves and blankets.  Their store also features the work of John's sister and mother--handmade quilts.

Gela and I have both bought items from the store--the same item actually.  Jason, knowing how much people love Polka Spot, decided to make a Polka Spot sculpture (below).  Each is beautifully handcrafted--no two are alike.  Each is signed and numbered.  Currently there are none for sale in the store because John and Jason are preparing the barn so it is ready to house the baby goats--the first group is due in February.

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