Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take A Chance On Me!!!

On an ordinary day, Gela and DiCaprio were checking Facebook. At this fateful time Brent Ridge posted a link to a video. The video was a review of The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special, posted by Mikey Trahant. It is a hilarious group of people in LA and their reactions while watching. The Boys loved this video so much that they "liked" the video and shared it with everyone. After watching the video, DiCaprio commented about how similar the group's experience of watching the special was to her own. Gela and DiCaprio became obsessed with Mikey's YouTube show: Mikey's Gay Today. At the time, there were around 269 videos (which they finished in about 3 days). There was a YouTube message and friend request sent, followed by Facebook friend requests to a Mr. Mikey Trahant from Gela and DiCaprio. He immediately responded to DiCaprio with "I smell a long friendship ahead of us! I call shotgun on the Beekmans" on Dec. 9 2010. Mikey and the girls instantly became Best Friends Forever! Within days they had nicknames, Michaelangelo, Gela and DiCaprio, and they Skyped almost daily.
Mikey Trahant's current dream is to be "Gaymous" for his YouTube show and to be America's Favorite Gay. The videos are real, entertaining, and at times, full of drama. Mikey's show follows his everyday life and his adventures around LA. He frequently discusses hot guys, searching for a job, and being the "crypt keeper of West Hollywood". He also has "Gaymous Guest Stars" including: Triple Gay, Diva P, KittenKay Sera, the Cranky Cuban, Hula Girl, the Angel of Death, Gaysian, and, of course, America's favorite mom, Cookie! While, most of his videos bring a lot of laughs, he does get serious at times. Our favorite video happens to be his first. He tells a story about when he was a child in Vermont and his friend, Mike Clough, came for a visit. They had a debate as to whether or not a field across the street contained poison ivy. Watch the video here for the outcome. We believe that you should like, favorite, and subscribe to Mikey's videos. You can also find Mikey's videos on Funny or Die. And become a fan on Facebook.

We will have known Mikey for a month tomorrow. We love Mikey and the fact that he is an enigma.

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