Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For The First Time....

2010 was a huge year for these two college kids.  The year started pretty slow, until June rolled around and brought The Fabulous Beekman Boys into our lives.  We would love to give an entire story about them, but we want you to check them out on your own at their website, Beekman1802.  While watching their lives pass by on our TV screens, we came to the conclusion that we HAD to meet them--which worked out wonderfully because they only live an hour away and were hosting the second annual Harvest Festival.  Seeing them in person was unbelievable, we were actually speechless--which NEVER happens.  It was refreshing to see that these guys are real ... nothing is played up for the cameras.  You just want to "put Brent in your pocket" and Josh is just "full of sass" ;)  After a search of Facebook, we found that there was NO fan page for the Beekman Boys fans (other than their official page)  That was when Beek Geeks was born--with the help of the talented Anthony.  At the time we had no idea that the popularity of Beek Geeks would grow to become such a big part of the Beekman World and make us part of the Sharon Springs community.  We are now frequent visitors to Sharon Springs, making sure to visit Doug & Garth at the American Hotel for brunch.  We even got invited to participate in the first annual Victorian Celebration.

Through The Boys and our fan page we were introduced to a variety of talented and interesting people--from coast to coast.  But those stories can wait...

For 2011 we decided that part of our New Year's Resolution would be to bring attention to people, places, events, etc that deserve more recognition than they are currently receiving.  And knowing us there will also be the occasional post about more popular subjects.


  1. Thank you, Jane, for reading :)

  2. I really like the purpose of this blog and I hope it works out for you both!

  3. Thanks Shannon, and I'll definitely check out your blog :)