Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow of the Day


The major event of this week was going to see "Black Swan" on Tuesday. The special effects in this movie were incredible. DiCaprio and I went to the theater worrying that we were going to be let down. The movie surprised us though, it was really intense and threw us for a loop. We spent the whole next day thinking about what we watched. The critique started with "she was a psycho" to "I think she was a paranoid schizophrenic." It was definitely worth seeing. I feel comfortable speaking for DiCaprio and myself when I say we both highly recommend this movie.

We stumbled across the show "The A-List: New York" on Logo TV. We found the show in December and finally sat down to watch it last week. The show is about a group of gay men in New York City. They are TJ, Ryan, Derek,Austin, Reichen, Rodiney, and Mike. All of these men are passionate about their work, especially Mike, Ryan, and Reichen. While being professionals, these boys know how to have a good time. Our favorite on "The A-List" is without a doubt TJ.

On a random note, DiCaprio and I have only eaten at one dining hall all year. That is until we went to a new hall this week. We went with our friends Tom and Dan. It was delicious, and we might go back once in a while.

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