Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do What You Want :)

Before becoming mega Beek Geeks, DiCaprio and I had an Ed Helms phase. It started with Ed's character in the movie "The Hangover." Our appreciation only increased with his role, Andy Bernard, on "The Office." During this time, DiCaprio stumbled across a fan page for Mr. Ed Helms and found another mega fan. Her name is Crystal Friedman from California. DiCaprio found pictures of her WITH Ed Helms and instantly knew they had to be friends. After becoming friends on Facebook, they discovered that they had a lot in common and are great friends now.

Crystal is beyond talented. She's an artist, comedian, musician, and writer. As an artist, Crystal has done quite a lot. She gave Ed Helms a picture of him, that she painted, in person after seeing him at UCB. Later, she found out that he actually hung the picture up! Currently, Crystal is working on a picture of Jason Sudeikis for DiCaprio.

Crystal can play the banjo and the guitar. She has "jam sessions" with her siblings from time to time. Crystal even writes songs! One song is "Young" which she performs with her siblings.

Another project of Crystal's is Comical Citizen Apparel. This is a line of t-shirts and accessories that she started last April. The shirts are inspired by her art, music, and her favorite movies. There is also a fan page for Comical Citizen Apparel.

Crystal can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and through her blog, 365 Days. You should definitely check out her videos and like and subscribe. We know she is going to be famous some day soon.

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