Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love College

This honestly was a discovery today--thank you Understanding Mass Communication for contributing to our blog.  Today is the day that I found out about a brilliant singer from our college, SUNY Oneonta.  I'd like to introduce you to Ryan Quinn

I'm not gonna lie, I don't much about him. So this is just what I stole from his ReverbNation account:
Ryan is a 20 year old college student attending SUNY Oneonta. He has been playing piano and drums for the majority of his life and has been playing guitar for two years, though singing is his true passion. He started off playing covers in coffee shops in Clinton, NY and has been playing in Oneonta for the last three years, be it alone or with talented friends.
What I do know is that he sings in the campus' a Capella group, Hooked On Tonics.  He has done covers of songs ranging from Paramore's "The Only Exception" to Jeff Buckley's "I Want Someone Badly".  In the former he displays his guitar skills, while in the latter he amazes us with his piano playing.  There are a collection of great videos at his YouTube channel
He also has his own song, "Shade of Blue" posted on his ReverbNation page (which you can download a free mp3).

Gela and I both think that he has a stunning voice that will hopefully be heard across the country.  If you are interested in a new musician with that alternative sound, Ryan Quinn is the perfect guy to look up.

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