Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I know what you're all thinking, "holy wow this blog is actually being posted on time!"  Gela and myself have some topics we'd like to discuss.  What a week of "huge" entertainment news.  What were you doing on Sunday night?  If you were like much of America, you were watching the Oscars, waiting in anticipation for SOMETHING to happen.  And like most of America, you were probably bored.  We are covering the most talked about issues.  And let's begin with the elephant in the room--how high and/or drunk was James Franco?  He was in his own little world throughout the entire show, so mellow and emotionless.  We would like to thanks Pop Culture Passionistas for pointing out that Anne Hathway changed outfits SEVEN times during the show.  Another major discussion point, how awesome was Melissa Leo's F-Bomb?!  Congratulations for being the first person ever to do that at the Oscars.  

Oh and don't think we didn't notice the terrible fashion choices of the evening... our top three worst were (3) Florence Welch, (2) Melissa Leo and (1) Cate Blanchett's "Faberge Egg" dress (thank you Mikey).

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore's performance of "I See The Light" was just--for lack of a better word--adorable.  We're always impressed when actors can actually sing.  Finally, our last major point of interest was that Christian Bale forgot to say his wife's name when thanking her, which in turn led every single person after him to make sure they thanked their significant other.  He did seem choked up, so we'll let him slide. 

Another bit of "news" is that Charlie Sheen has finally snapped, but we may wait until Saturday to cover that story.  So we'll leave you with this:

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