Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jealous of My Boogie

Honestly, I did not realize that it was Wednesday until I just updated my status saying the Modern Family is new tonight.  Gela and I are enjoying our "February Break" this week.  In our plethora of spare time, we created a fun dance montage for our friend Mikey, which can be seen above.

We have also been introduced to some new movies.  TCM is becoming a new favorite channel, bringing to our viewing pleasure:  The Bad Seed, Born Yesterday, The Goodbye Girl, and the end of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?  To sum up our favorite movie out of the list, we'll leave you with:  "You gimme those shoes, they're my shoes. Give them back to me, you give them back!"  Tuesday night we watched the horror classic, Candyman on Showtime.  That was a particularly disturbing movie, to say the least.

It's been very slow around here, but March should bring about good weather and trips to Sharon Springs.  And speaking of Sharon Springs, Farmer John and Jason have new products in their online store.  Items like the new silo door towel hanger (which I will be purchasing) and the hand braided rug.

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